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by | Dec 6, 2016

Hi guys! We had a chat with Federico Belli, CMO and CO-FOUNDER @ Peekaboo, our partner for BLAST 2017.
Peekaboo is a a community of founders, designers, developers, growth hackers and enthusiasts of innovation that work together to grow their ideas


Let’s start from the beginning: when did Peekaboo project start? Which are its goals?

Peekaboo officially started two years ago. We had the daunting task of transferring the startup’s mindset to a group of international ENEL’s managers. At the beginning, we wanted to create a hub, a place where ideas can grow.

Who is in the Peekaboo team?

Peekaboo is a community composed by 169 startups’ founders, 10 mentors and 16 advisors working together to create something new. About me, I am CMO & co founder.

Let’s talk about the Lean Startup Program:  tell us more about it!

Lean Startup Program is a pre acceleration program to validate ideas and launch startups on the national market in 10 weeks, using the Lean Startup Methodology. Teams come in with an idea and leaves our program with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It doesn’t care if you don’t have a business idea, LSP helps you to get a new mindset and to learn a methodology that can be applied in any context to create value.

Can you tell us something about the startups involved?

Between the first and second editions of our Program many key players of the startup scene have been involved: startuppers, directors of acceleration programs and managers. With regard to the startups, we met Filippo Chiricozzi – moovenda (Luiss Enlabs), Edoardo ed Emiliano Parini – Get., Giulia Conti – Bulsara (Luiss Enlabs), the day before we met Federico De Cerchio CEO di WineOwine. Every  lesson has a new guest, such as  Luca bertone, #Wcap Rome, Augusto Coppola, LUISS Enlabs, Antonio Venece, Geek’s Academy, Ginamarco Carnovale, President of Roma Startup.

We also hosted top quality mentors: Pacilli , CEO di baasbox , Luca Barboni – growth hound, Giovanni Laquidara – Snapback.

Others mentors and executives will come at Peekaboo on December 21st @ the Pitch Day.

What do your startups expect from this program?

Maybe you should ask it to them 😀 We are focused on transferring to teams our experience to ensure that they do not make our own mistakes.

Which are the biggest challenges you faced in launching this initiative?

First, there is a lot of confusion about startup’s meaning. A lot of people feel that developing a mobile app or a startup is the same thing. Second, there is still few entrepreneurial education paths that can teach students about startups, then young entrepreneurs begin to develop code without a clear strategy wasting time and resources. Every entrepreneur should ask himself if his organization is solving a real problem. If he does not so, he risks to create something that no one will want to buy.

Can you talk about the results you achieved?

During the first edition of LSP 12 startups  are born and eight out of them have been choosen to present their solution during the “Pitch Day” in front of two hundred people and a jury composed by the main startups accelerator’s directors, including Augusto Coppola (Enlabs), Nicola Mattina (Digital Magics) and Guido Giordano (#Wcap).

About this second edition, we are working with 18 teams and we hope to launch at least 8 startups before the 21st of December.

We heard something about Turin! What has to do Peekaboo with this city?

We want to bring Lean Startup program there thanks to the partnership with Starboost, a very cool company creator. We are confident that Peekaboo’s community can grow much in the coming years 😀

On the 21st of December the Pitch Day will be held at the Talent Garden @ Cinecittà: what can we expect from this event?

On the 21st of December you will attend a real show! You can meet investors, startups and companies’ directors and together we will attend to the birth of new and very cool startups. At the end, there will be a closing buffet to allow participants to meet and exchange ideas.

Do you have an advice to give to those who decide to launch their first startup?

First you have to find a skilled and united team and when you find it let’s concentrate your energies on the problem before on the solution.

Every startupper should ask himself 3 questions:

  1. Have I found a real problem?
  2. Can I solve it?
  3. Who are my customers?
  4. will they pay for the solution that I want to propose ?

What about your future goals?

For the future we have one main goal: to replicate the Lean Startup Program in two directions

  • B2C – With those who want to be entrepreneurs
  • B2B – With companies looking for partners

In addition, we decided to export the format in Turin!

We have a major project in the pipeline .. stay tuned to find out!

Finally, what do you see in BLAST? Which is the reason why you decided to become a partner of this great event?

We are a community, then we are interested to involve enterprising realities. I think that Blast represents one of them; They are young, professional and skilled. I’m sure we’ll do great things together!

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