Come to BLAST 2017, meet Datalytics and discover how to become “social star” of the event

by | May 8, 2017

Great news, guys! We are very glad to have on board a very special technical partner: Datalytics, innovative company that offers brand, agencies and big events a suite of tools for real-time social media monitoring and live engagement. Here below you can find more information and…another good reason to book your pass for BLAST!

During the three days of the event (scheduled from 10 to 12 May at Fiera di Roma, as you know) Datalytics will provide innovative tools Monitoring & Engage to analyze social data in real-time and engage all participants with live digital activities.

Analyzing social media data and hashtag sharing, Datalytics Engage can boost engagement during events. Real-time infographics developed by new Italian company offer event organizers an interactive suite to display live volumetric data – mentions, reach, impressions – and qualitative metrics like sentiment, trending topics and influencer from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Which speaker will receive the most comments and mentions? And which social profiles will be the most active during the 3 days of event? Proprietary algorithms of Big Data Analysis will describe BLAST 2017 and incite all participants to interact via social media channels.

“We are proud of being inside big international network of BLAST Project – as Datalytics Chief Marketing Officer Mauro Vecchio affirms – we will actively participate during the event with our real-time infographics, encouraging all attendees in sharing hashtag #BLAST2017 to be protagonist in the social stream during the 3 days of event at Fiera di Roma”.

Among the activities provided by Datalytics, the Social Wall is a precious resource to transform every attendee in a social star of the event. Those who will share a photo or video with official hashtag #BLAST2017 enter media stream on big screens in roman fair. Present from 10 to 12 May in a dedicated booth, Datalytics team will display in real-time not only User Generated Content, but also every other data analyzed with software Datalytics Monitoring. All attendees can tweet or share #BLAST2017 to become Top Contributors (or most active users) of the event, and also vote their favorite speaker in a special ranking.

Datalytics staff awaits you at Fiera di Roma from 10 to 12 May 2017 for new International event BLAST Project. Book your pass, what are you waiting for?

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