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by | Jan 18, 2017

For the first edition Blast decided to select 150 startups in the Following Industries:

▻IoT & Industry 4.0
Featured industry:
Aerospace – The present, the future and beyond

The choice of these industries is not accidental, but it was based on a careful analysis of the sectors which in 2016 have had more success and who seem to be the most promising for 2017. In the next blog posts we will talk about the industries selected for this edition, and we will analyze the progress that each of them has achieved in the last months.

According to the market intelligence platform CB Insights, in 2016 more than one billion euros have been invested in startups and ideas inherent in the food sector, and it is expected an investment of over $ 3 million over the next two years; with regard to the Silicon Valley, it claims that it is the food to contribute to the investments’ sustainability. Kellogg also launched a few months ago a venture capital fund called Eighteen94 Capital (1894) to invest in innovative startups in terms of ingredients, food and packaging.

Even celebrities are involved: Bono, U2 frontman, decided to invest in an Irish startup called Nuritas, that uses AI and DNA analysis to discover the food molecules that can be used to develop medicines and supplements. The startup has also recently obtained a loan of about 3 million euro by the European Union for their research of ingredients to prevent diabetes.

An excellent example in this area is definitely SUBLIMOTION, “a space created to stimulate the 5 senses, a different experiential trip to anything you have ever experienced before. A total immersion in the creative process of the Chef and his team, which will transport you to a new and surprising scene. An experience you may only understand when living it in person” as written on the official website.

Sublimotion and Samsung VR create a futuristic diner party in all respects: a step forward in the world of Foodtech to be taken into account.

In Italy as well, that is one of the most famous Country for its wonderful culinary tradition, many startups are growing in this field, such as Foodinho (a food delivery service, acquired by the Spanish company Glovo), Foodscovery (a platform that create a network between local producer and customers; it has raised 700k euro), My Cooking Box (something that really change the way to cook), Quomi (A food delivery service that has closed its first round with Digital Magics) and WinoWine (that sells on an e-commerce site High-quality wines) for a total amount of investments near to 2 million euro.

During 2016, StartupBootCamp expanded its accelerators all around Europe and puts another pin on the map, this time in Italy, this time on Rome. This event involves many important issues to consider, but the most important of them, even if probably it may seem a little detail, can put the real focus on what is happening in Italy. Italy is often associated with the idea of ancient and history of the past and sometimes with an old way to think and to look to the future. Every big revolution start with a little change, with a detail. Now, here, in Italy the detail is the present, the revolution is the next step.
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