How to register for BLAST 2017

by | Mar 7, 2017

Hi guys! We are very excited because BLAST 2017 is coming and while we arrange all the details to provide you an enjoyable experience, all you have to do is grab your pass. Today we’d like to give you more information about the attendee registration.

How to register for BLAST 2017.

The registration is very easy, but you have to pay attention to the information that you provide: they are central for the event

Regarding the registration itself, all you have to do is to click the “Book your pass” botton, in the upper right corner of our website and choose your favourite kind of pass. We remind you that the Early Bird promotion is still open: here you are all information. Are you a student? BLAST rewards your interest in business and innovation fields with a very special prize.BLAST 2017 tech event registration


After selecting the type of pass, push the “Register” botton: a new page will open and you have to select the number of passes you need. If you have a “promo code” you can insert it in the specific space under the chart, otherwise simply push the “Order now” botton.

Then you have to choose the payment method, but also the information about you, your company and your job. This is a key point in a networking and B2B event like BLAST. Having the strategic information about you, we could realize a pass where all this information will be reported on, so that anyone can recognize who you are at first glance.

Some days before the event, all BLAST attendees will be able to login in our app that you can use to plan your agenda, contact the professionals and influencer you are interested in, be a part of a real community.

Hack our tech conference by improving your network, don’t waste this opportunity!

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