Meet the first 3 startups exhibiting at BLAST 2017

by | Mar 29, 2017

As we said, the deadline to apply to the BLAST Startup Program is postponed and now the startups have more time to join us. Some interesting companies are already on board. Some examples?

Zensed: an Artificial Intelligence based on fraud prediction system that uses advanced Machine Learning to calculate the risk percentage of a transaction turning into a chargeback.  The founders of Zensed have long-standing experience in managing high risk card programmes across the globe. Over the years they have tried many new and promising anti-fraud tools in an attempt to compete against fraudulent activity.

However the challenge of keeping within a 1{c653bac874e230c60cb5d5d5e780b44e2af54b021d2579c749fcb3ad96398bd8} chargeback threshold was a constant battle impacting the founders business in many ways; short-term improvements were soon overtaken by fraudster sophistication.

The Zensed platform was set commercially operational on 25th December 2015 with those testing clients who had helped refine the system immediately securing great benefit from using the Zensed system. Today Zensed is a complete real-time anti-fraud solution that uses machine learning, so called ‘artificial intelligence’ to create hundreds of rules and decision features to predict fraudulent transactions in advance. Zensed continues to evolve, the more data it receives the more causes and patterns of fraudulent transactions it can predict and prevent.

Iooota In the international slogan IOOOTA srl – “Let your things speak” – is contained the whole essence of this Italian startup, awarded in the recent months in several occasions in the IoT field.

Jarvis is the technological platform created by a team of seven guys, all aged between 30 and 37 years, with different skills: Luca Degli Esposti, Roberto Pierpaoli, Riccardo Malatesta, Andrea Previati, Maurizio Pinotti, Alan Alberghini and Mirko Falavigna. Jarvis allows the user to manage the devices that surround him and make them interact each other. This could make life more safe, comfortable and focused on “green”, with a saving of energy, time and money.

Jarvis is the name of this “little robot” for the home and office  that the users can manage and control simply wherever they are (from the bed as well as the other side of the world).

The industrial partners identified to distribute Jarvis are different. To name a few:

  • multi-utility, interested in verifying the consumption flows and in folding the possible savings on to users;
  • banks as well as insurance branch home / family / business, that are interested in offering their services;
  • accommodation facilities (B & B, hotel, Spa…) that can provide new services and simplify the daily experience of its customers;
  • the telecommunications sector companies interested in analyzing the use of some kinds of devices or the producers of objects (air conditioners, gates…).

Lettuce Grow:  This is a platform which connects small scale farmers, SME’s, Agricultural co-operations and consumers directly whilst cutting out all the middlemen and giving 95{c653bac874e230c60cb5d5d5e780b44e2af54b021d2579c749fcb3ad96398bd8} of the profits back to the farmers. A farmer will be able to sign up to our platform for free, as soon as he has harvested his produce he can search for SME’s near him looking for suppliers. Likewise an SME will be able to do the same to find farmers, and all an SME needs is to be registered as a business and have a location which will list them on a map allowing customers to find them easily and see which services they provide and what they sell. Agricultural co-operations will be able to recruit farmers near them, communicate easily with each other and find SME’s to sell to.

Customers will sign up to the platform and be able to find not only stores but farms, farmers markets and any events nearby related to local food, it all depends on how far they are willing to go. They will be able to check what produce an SME has as well as exactly which farm it came from and when it was harvested. The founders are  also creating a shared economy based around their farmers, allowing them to get partners which can provide free benefits for their farmers, so far they have conceptualised a free logistics system which feeds the hungry, free composting, ending food waste, free energy for our farmers, free connectivity and greatly reducing the financial risks of running a farm/SME through public microinvestments.

Mock-up of the app: fully clickable

Your startup could be the next one on this list and the attention of our media partners could be focused on your activity: here you can apply to our Startup Program. Don’t miss this chance!

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