Three innovative startups exhibiting at BLAST 2017 between travel, kids and food

by | Apr 21, 2017

Are you ready for BLAST 2017? We are working to give you all the best. Meanwhile we are going on disclosing the name of other startups that joined our event and that we have selected for our Startup Program. More information here below. Book your pass now to have access to the exhibit area, where you’ll can meet a lot of innovative startups.
My Take It is a web platform for people interested in booking hotels, holiday homes, b&b and guest houses. A platform that matches tourists and hosts. The innovating element is represented by the booking method: unlike the competitors, in fact, here travelers can propose to the host the price for the stay! The customer enters the site, choose his ideal price and books without further surprises or any additional final commission costs (service costs and taxes are already included). This way, the user has full control of his budget. The goal of this startups is to create an aware tourism, creating a demand (that in complete autonomy and with reasonable deals), would be able to create a customized vacation package. All this coul be easy and with no unexpected extra costs or hidden commissions.

ORA X is the first application for smartphones and tablets that connects parents of children attending the same classroom to help each other for accompanying and picking up them to/from school in case of need. Wside Srl’s project, co-funded by Lazio Region and supported by 12 City Halls in Rome (on 15). The idea arises from two mothers, Valentina Passaniti and Maika Messalli, who are often found to live a situation of discomfort and stress having to reconcile their working times with their kids’ school entry and exit times.

The solution, sometimes, was to ask help to other parents that, along the same route at the same time, could share rides, making children live the positive experience of being accompanied by their friends. What was missing was a means to facilitate this contact with other parents in an easy, fast and smart way. That’s why ORA X is born. The goal of the creators is to improve the life quality of families and reduce stress that can arise from the concern not to be able to pick up in time their child from school or not to be able to accompany him in the morning. ORA X is an innovative tool to promote a clear and immediate communication between the institutions and families.

Bongour is an online platform that empowers amateur and semi-professional cooks in the process of testing, building, operating, and marketing online culinary businesses. One of the goals is to eliminate the barriers of entry to the gastronomic world by allowing any passionate cook to start a culinary venture with no investments, taking care of marketing, branding, logistics and delivery across the complete venture journey.

For Cooks:

  • Your online restaurant and brand: all you need to position yourself and your brand
  • Marketing, Analytics and Logistics:The team takes care of marketing and logistics, giving you all the social media tools to leverage your brand
  • Complete support from idea to venture: the team provides you with a testing lab, we help you build a brand, we allow you to build interactive content, and we help you to scale into a viable venture.

For Foodies:

  • Authentic food: get food cooked by the best culinary talent in your community
  • The way you want it: harness the power of a large network of culinary starts to get the food you want, the way you want it.
  • Delivered to your door: whether your order a meal from the platform, requested a customized meal, or ordered from a recipe, your traceable order arrives to your door in minutes.

Come to BLAST 2017 and meet them and all the others startups: book your pass!

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