Ceatec: digital innovation coming from Japan

by | Oct 25, 2016

The Combined of Advanced Technologies  is one of the leading event in Asia in the field of Hi-Tech and new technologies. Over 600 companies from 24 countries presented their products in Chiba, near Tokyo at the beginning of October 2016. The main themes of this edition were: the IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

In recent years these issues have been the focus of debate and experimentation and Ceatec managed to reinvent them through the development of innovations and the creation of new opportunities promoted by the attending companies.  Of course there is no shortage of big names:  Hitachi, Mitsubishi UFJ, Omron with  its interactive robot Forpheus that play table tennis alone. Even Toyota and Kirobo Mini, the child robot that many dream, and that remind us the 80’s SuperVicky: reacts to stimuli, communicates, responds to our input and it is connected to a smartphone.

The attention for the environment is another core topic at Ceatec, where Mitsubishi Electric presented a device that allows you to analyze the air quality and the levels of dust.

Looking Ahead: Ceatec  reveals what awaits us in the coming years: what do you think?  Leave a comment below and join the BLAST community!

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