Meet other 3 startups selected for BLAST 2017

by | Apr 8, 2017

Last week we introduced the first 3 startups exhibiting at BLAST 2017, now here you are other 3 companies we have selected for our Startup Program. Are you ready? Here below all the information. Keep in mind: the application is still open (but is closing soon…), you have still the chance to be one of the startups that during the event will show their ideas to the world and catch the 30k cash prize. Apply now!


Remoria VR is a startup based in London and dedicated to creating innovative input devices for mobile virtual reality. Its core project is Lignum, a smart wireless controller pocket and portable that fits perfectly in your hand. The entire experience
is extremely user
-friendly. To learn more visit the official website and meet the Remoria VR team at BLAST.


Yobs Technologie is a startup based in Los Angeles: the future of recruiting young talent in restaurants, bars, hotels and retail is here! A pioneering work focused on the predictive hiring for students in retail and hospitality, contextualized with 30 seconds applicant videos recorded by the students themselves. The team is using AI and video resumes to help restaurants, bars, hotels and retailers hire the top 10 applicants in their pile of 200+ resumes in days instead of weeks, extrapolating personality traits from video resumes and giving a prediction about the future applicants performance in each different position. Website:

Noon Care is the first system in the world that uses technology to help facilitate care to those in need of assistance. An open digital environment, capable of managing and controlling dedicated hybrid mobile devices with
dedicated cloud ser
vices. Imagine to give to your parents a mobile phone suitable for them, managed from your smartphone, remotely monitored, so you constantly know where they are when they need you. Or imagine to provide to your children a mobile phone conceived specifically for them and their safety. A product expandable and integrated with their daily places, an essential tool for all those people that are looking for an effective solution to be closer to those which are counting on us:

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