Mindful innovation: the importance of awareness for the digital revolution

by | Nov 22, 2016

The mindful innovation is one of the key concepts of BLAST 2017. In the age of digital revolution, our behaviors, our mindsets and our work process are constantly challenged by a high complexity. For these reasons, we need a conscious approach to innovation: fostering a mindful attitude means being aware of how to deal with change. Be ready for transformation means knowing how to answer these two questions in two different situations:

  • Technological change on business activity: how to deal with it?
  • A new creative idea in technological field: how to achieve it?

Answering to these questions is not easy, but we can try. One of the ways is to escape from the “mindless innovation”, where individuals or organizations adopt scant reasoning towards new technologies.


In recent years these issues have been the focus of debate and experimentation, and Ceatec managed to reinvent them through the development of innovations and the creation of new opportunities promoted by the attending companies.  Of course there is no shortage of big names:  Hitachi, Mitsubishi UFJ, Omron with  its interactive robot Forpheus that play table tennis alone. Even Toyota and Kirobo Mini, the child robot that many dream, and that remind us the 80’s SuperVicky: reacts to stimuli, communicates, responds to our input and it is connected to a smartphone.

This little history can help better understand what we are talking about:

<<In the mid-1990s, an IT research analyst named Erik Keller was having lunch with a client who was excited about the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system soon starting at his company. Keller asked him why he was adopting the ERP system. The client looked at him in a puzzled way and said, “No one ever asked me that before.” After 45 minutes of further discussion, he could still not come up with a reason.>>

The story shows us how often various “innovative” behaviors stem from a “me too” mentality, without a real awareness of what is happening around. If the mindless innovation is bad, what implications might it have for the design and development of new technological innovations? For example, you can miss opportunities, you can think to have found a solution but it turns that it does not work, you can get frustrated or it happens to loose the pace with the rest of the business world.

That’s why we think that we have to innovate mindfully our organizations.


The goal is to create a culture of innovation. In this regard, we believe that inspiring talks could help individuals and organizations discovering their creative and innovative spirits and to deal with changes that are both personal and technological.

Through inspiring talks you can share your personal experience, and provide a 360-degree approach to innovation. By this way, you can provide the  necessary mentality to carry out the cultural revolution in progress. Do something and share it can help someone to do the same, and make him aware about the innovation process he is doing.

A deep understanding of how individuals learn and adapt to change, combined with the power of collective wisdom and an awareness of the big picture of technology and innovation: this means for us to inspire.

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