Quoziente Giovani

Quoziente Giovani

QuozienteGiovani represent the Italian talents under 40, who have gained national and international experience in distinguishing specific professional sectors and representing the future of the ruling class in Italy. We have already given space to hundreds of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, telling their stories and experiences so that many other innovators can be aware that is a huge movement of youth working to excel and it change this world.
QuozienteGiovani wants to be the place to motivate young students, giving them a new vision by offering a different perspective from unemployment and insecurity.
In addition, the target is also over 40 for companies and managers who want to do headhunting. The blog already has over 40,000 unique readers per month with 90% aged between twenty and forty-five years.
If you invest on yourself you will find gratification from what you do.



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30 March 2017